Sunday, May 27, 2007

You can try Google Apps Premier Edition for free until May 31th.

  Google extended the period of Google Apps Premier Edition free trial to until May 31th, extended a month, the period had been until April 30th. Google did not notice about this extension, and I couldn't find it at the Google Official blog or Google Apps introduction. But I find it through my Google Apps account, its dashboard, and also Google Apps help page.

  You can use the Premier Edition in the next generation version of Google Apps, and Google services it in English. You can read this article about Google Apps next version and current version.

  ※ The captured images were modified for privacy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Themes are added in Google Personalized Homepage.

  You can add themes in Google Personalized Homepage from today. In fact, themes adapted in Google Personalized Homepage in English already, today, Google renames Google Personalized Homepage to iGoogle and services in 22 countries(related post : Palgle blog, Google Official Blog). If you push the button beside "Add contents", you can see the 7 themes(now, including "Classic" theme) bottom of the button, and set the theme you choose in your iGoogle.

  All themes excluding "Classic" and "Bus stop" make some changes belong your local time like sunrise, sunset or else, and the "Bus stop" theme makes some changes belong your local weather like fine, rain or etc. If you want that, you should set your local area.

  ※ The captured images were modified for privacy.